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dumprdns perl script

The idea behind this script was to be able to walk through an entire, arbitrary range of IPv4 addresses and display the reverse DNS PTR resource records for each IP address in the range.

The script itself has quite a few comments in it and you can get the syntax by running "dumprdns -help". All you have to do is download it, stick it in a directory in your $PATH and make it executable. Make sure where your perl executable is and adjust the first line of the script if necessary. You might also want to create a rdnsdump symlink pointing to dumprdns if you're like me and you keep on forgetting which way round it is :o)

dumprdns is distributed under the terms of the GPL as published by the Free Software Foundation. See

Changelog and downloads

03-JAN-2005, Version 0.1d
Corrected a minor issue closing the pipe to the 'host' command.

29-APR-2004, Version 0.1c
The '-ip' option is no longer needed before an IP range specification. Just typing "dumprdns 192.168.0" will do the job just as well now.

25-APR-2004, Version 0.1b
Added the "-version" option.

25-APR-2004, Version 0.1
First draft.

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