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stripmail is a small, lightweight and highly flexible application that is designed to read in an e-mail message, strip out the parts you don't want, and only leave in the parts that you do want.

stripmail has been successfully compiled(*) and installed on systems running FreeBSD 4.7, FreeBSD 5.3 and GNU/Linux. It provides functions similar to those of MIMEdefang, except that it isn't (yet) designed as a sendmail milter, but does so without the overhead of a full Perl interpreter. The application is written in C and is therefore faster than a Perl script and it leaves a far smaller memory footprint.

For a full description of stripmail's functions, the easiest is for you to read its man page.


Tarball: stripmail.tar.bz2
MD5: stripmail.tar.bz2.md5
GnuPG signature: stripmail.tar.bz2.asc


Read the INSTALL file included in the tarball. Really... Do it...

(*) - The FreeBSD 4.7 machine on which I did my tests complained when it came to generating the HTML version of the man page. The page was, however, successfully generated.

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