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MMC Cards and Passwords

A cry of despair often seen on support forums goes something like "I reset my phone and now I can't access my memory card because it's asking me for a password". Usually followed closely by "I never set a password in the first place!"

One thing you have to realize is that someone definitely did set a password on the MMC card at some point in time. Once this has happened, a small file in the phone's central memory is created, and this file contains the password that was set so that the phone can remember the password without having to ask you for it each time it needs to access the memory card. Given that you're no longer prompted for the password, it's very easy to forget that you set one in the first place, let alone what it was.

To quote a friend who runs a care point for a well-known mobile phone brand: I've had so many arguments with customers about this, and they argue with me until they're blue in the face, and once I run through it with them with examples, such as pet names, favorite football team, or girlfriends' birthdays etc., it finally unlocks and they are left looking embarrassed and I dont even get a thanks, and their response is usually "Oh yeah, I remember doing that now".

What happens when the phone's memory is wiped, either because of a factory reset or because of a firmware upgrade, is that the file containing the MMC card's password is deleted. The phone no longer remembers the password and asks you to supply it in order to access the card. That's when you're stuck.

I'm afraid nobody can help you here. If your phone is asking you for a password to access your memory card now then one most definitely was set at some point in time. If you're absolutely 100% sure that it wasn't you then ask yourself the following questions, which basically boil down to "has someone else used your phone?":

If the answer to all of the above questions is "no" then the only alternative is that you set the password and you have simply forgotten it. Your phone is not going to start asking you for a password out of the blue, it will only do so if the memory card is indeed password-protected.

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